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Forensic DNA Expert - Civilian and Military Experience


Choosing the right expert for assistance could be the key to a successful trial outcome. An expert with actual laboratory experience will provide a more thorough understanding of evidence collection, sample selection, DNA processing, and DNA interpretation.

I began my career performing DNA analysis in 1998 and I have screened thousands of pieces of evidence for the presence of DNA. I have assisted the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, and US Air Force in court-martial preparation, traveling on-site when necessary. I can also provide guidance for cross examination if my presence is not required.

As an expert, I can identify areas within the DNA analysis that need to be addressed and questioned during trial. The prosecution is NOT going to ask the questions that introduce doubt into their case. The presence or absence of DNA can be the turning point in your case. As your DNA expert, I will assist your office in gaining as much information as possible to provide the best defense in your case.

I developed my expertise as a case working, court qualified DNA analyst from an ASCLD-LAB accredited lab. See curriculum vitae.

Experience in crime scene, serology, and DNA
AAFS member

I am the DNA expert that you want on your team.